For most people who have never been through a move, knowing what to do and when can be a daunting task. That's where CONSUMERS RELOCATION SERVICES comes to the rescue.

We’ve helped thousands of people through the very same process. You benefit from our years of experience, and knowledge of the industry. Not only will your move be less stressful, we’ll help you save money too!

Relocation Program Savings & Benefits

LIKELY SAVINGS PROJECTIONS (Assuming a 14,000 lb. shipment)

Potential Hard Dollar Savings

  • Full Replacement Valuation
    Most carriers provide up to $100,000 in full value protection - no deductible.
  • No Peak Rates
    All carriers use non-peak tariff rates during peak period - May-August.
  • Performance Delays
    All carriers provide living expense reimbursement - up to $125/day.
  • Minimum Discount Levels
    Each carrier has a minimum discount level current tariff.
  • Service Fee Waived

Potential Time Savings

  • Carrier Selection
    Selecting companies to call, and checking the DOT and BBB.
  • Move Research & Orientation
    Time spent researching what you should do before, after and during your move, i.e., how to read an estimate, how to compare estimates, what things you should pack yourself, how to get the least expensive containers, what to do on moving day, what to do on unloading day, etc.
  • Claim Settlement
    How to file a claim, follow-up and who to call, time on hold.
  • Claim Loss - No Influence
    Without CRS advocate, possible insufficient claim.
  • Inappropriate Shipping
    Shipping books, cars and other items on moving vans - alternate savings/methods.